TaeGrr Cubs 

A Martial Art Program Designed for Ages 4-6

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Our TaeGrr Cubs Program has been specially designed for kids ages four through six as an introduction to the Martial Arts in a fun, but structured environment.  This thirty-minute class is filled with fun martial arts drills and games that teach younger children coordination, balance, respect, and cooperation.  Students' attention spans and body coordination will be developed through their increased ability to concentrate.  There won't be any child left to sit on the sidelines!  If you have ever thought about your child taking martial arts, or have even tried it before, but thought they were "too intense" or that your child was too young, then this is the Program for you!

When you enroll your child in our kids martial arts classes, you’re giving your child the best chance to excel in life.  With each class, we’ll encourage your child to set aggressive goals, stretch his or her limits and reach for the stars.  Along the way, your child will be the recipient of a full suite of benefits that only martial arts can offer.

One of the best extracurricular activities you can choose is a kids martial arts program at Grandmaster Dong’s Martial Arts.  Our TaeGrr Cubs™ program offers your child a phenomenal opportunity to enjoy physical fitness in a fun, safe and clean environment.  As we teach your child the martial arts basics of kicking, blocking, punching and striking, we’ll be teaching critical self-defense skills and reinforcing your child’s self-confidence.  The training they will participate in will help them, not only in the dojang (Martial Arts School), but by giving them confidence to face any other challenges in their daily lives.


Parents can be confidence that their children will be fully supervised during every class, in a fun and safe environment.  All martial arts classes are created and supervised by child development specialists and certified personal trainers.  Children who graduate from the TaeGrr Cubs™ program will be ready to enter the regular martial arts program with a special head start.  The TaeGrr Cubs™ use a series of striped belts that are awarded to them for special accomplishments.

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Take advantage of an exclusive introductory offer for new students that includes two,                                                                               private martial arts lessons at a great price, plus a FREE uniform for your child.

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